The Archive in the Foundation’s headquarters in Madrid was established in 2015, and its work is ongoing. It is responsible for the conservation and dissemination of the architectural records of Norman Foster.

The documentation contained in architectural, engineering, and landscape archives is a primary source for the scientific study of these disciplines and an important part of their collective heritage. But it also establishes an important legacy, providing a memory of the city, a testimony of the professionals whose work it documents—and the procedures used—and as a learning resource and inspiration for students of these disciplines.


It is significant that the Norman Foster Foundation’s archive is at the very heart of this institution, whose objectives include fostering ideas and cross-disciplinary research to help new generations to anticipate the future.

Norman Foster explains it thus:

It has been said that if you wish to see far ahead in time then you must first look back to see lessons from the past.

It is therefore the role of the archive to bring together lessons from the past that will inspire and motivate future generations.