The Norman Foster Foundation aims to bring together the leading thinkers, practitioners and researchers in the fields of architecture, design, technology and the arts. Following the belief that exposure to new ideas and a holistic interdisciplinary education can help us better identify the challenges of our future cities, the Norman Foster Foundation organises Forums that will tackle some of the most pressing issues of our built environment today and how they are affecting our lives.

Forum – Future is Now

Madrid, 1 June 2017

On June 1st 2017, the Norman Foster Foundation launched officially in Madrid with the Forum ‘Future is Now’. The event invited experts, students, thinkers and practitioners from the larger fields of architecture, design and innovation to discuss the most pressing challenges of the built environment.

In the spirit of The Norman Foster Foundation, the event was interdisciplinary in nature and challenged preconceived ideas about the future of our cities through unconventional points of view.