Building the Future

Thomas T.K. Zung

In the seventh episode of our ‘Building the Future’ series, Thomas T.K. Zung, President of Buckminster Fuller, Sadao and Zung Architects, recalls meeting Norman Foster following the latter’s first encounter with Buckminster Fuller. Zung gives a poignant first-hand testimony of the close relationship he witnessed develop between the two minds.

Peter Cook

For the sixth episode of our ‘Building the Future’ series, we are joined by Sir Peter Cook, Professor of Architecture at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, and a founder of Archigram. He opens by passionately advocating for the versatility and importance of hand drawing as a tool to influence the viewer’s thought processes.

Daniel Hillis

In the fifth episode of our ‘Building the Future’ series, American inventor, entrepreneur and scientist, Daniel Hillis, details his interest in rebuilding cities and processes for imagining the cities of the future.

Cristina Iglesias

In this episode of the ‘Building the Future’ series, acclaimed Spanish artist and sculptor, Cristina Iglesias, shares her initial responses to Norman Foster’s work around the world, before she met the man himself during their collaboration on Bloomberg’s European Headquarters in London. Iglesias considers the close relationship between art and architecture with reference to her site-specific The Ionosphere (A Place of Silent Storms); an intricate canopy for the Norman Foster Foundation, Madrid.

Fiona Shackleton

In the third episode of our ‘Building the Future’ series, eminent family solicitor Baroness Shackleton of Belgravia exclusively shares her personal reflections on Norman Foster and his work. On their first meeting the two “instantly connected”, with Fiona being “bowled over” that despite a busy professional life, Foster could still find the time and self-discipline to compile family photo albums.

Terence Conran

For our second episode of the ‘Building the Future’ series, celebrated designer Sir Terence Conran recalls meeting Norman Foster on numerous social occasions. From these repeated encounters a lasting friendship would grow and develop, founded upon Conran’s admiration of Foster’s clear abilities. These were typified by a drawing of rooftops, overlooked from a house in France, which conveyed Foster’s “huge attention to detail”, and for Conran stood comparison to the work of David Hockney.

Stuart Lipton

In the first episode of our ‘Building the Future’ series, leading property developer Sir Stuart Lipton looks back over forty years to recall his first encounter with Norman Foster. The location was Great Portland Street, London, where Lipton’s first impression was of an individual “in love with architecture”; a pencil and sketchbook always to hand. This meeting was to provide the basis for many productive collaborations between the two men.