Norman Foster. Sketchbooks · Volume 1 1975 – 1980

Norman Foster. Sketchbooks · Volume 1 1975 – 1980 aims to offer a broad exhibition of the content of Norman Foster’s sketchbooks, held in the Foundation’s Archive.

Architecture and Technology: Future of Cities

An in-depth handbook which compiles a diverse collection of fifty lectures given at the Norman Foster Foundation since 2017 by leading voices in the fields of technology, architecture, urbanism and mobility.

Designs and Concepts 2017-2021

A publication reflecting the Norman Foster Foundation's work with the Architecture, Design and Technology Units developing conceptual and experimental designs of a wide range of scales in multiple locations around the world.

Norman Foster Sketchbooks 1975-2020

The Norman Foster Foundation presents the introductory volume of Norman Foster Sketchbooks 1975–2020, a new series reflecting Foster’s career from the 1970s until today, through his personal sketchbooks.

José Manuel Ballester—Spaces

José Manuel Ballester's images dissolve the walls between the separate entities of the Norman Foster Foundation in the same spirit as the Foundation’s mission to break down the barriers between professions.

Norman Foster—Talking and Writing

Norman Foster: Talking and Writing brings together, for the very first time, a selection of Norman Foster's most seminal lectures.